Makeadrones drone building course is an incredibly fun and innovative form of team building. Participants will build and fly a quadcopter from scratch.

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Both drone building sets and workshop are developed by our very own queadcopter expert Henning Pedersen. He is previously known for, among other things, the Megacopter, the world's largest radio-controlled multikopter. There will also be the possibility of buying kits.

Single courseMakeadrone Micro

Simplified microbuilding kit with drop in possibility. Here, small ones are used 50 grams quadcopters. They are built in 1-2 hours or even shorter on drop in. Due to its size, it requires less space and the flight can be done just as well inside as outside.

Advanced course

500 grams quadcopters built from scratch. The courses take 4-6 hours and fit up to 20 people who are interested in technology. The course includes rent of building kits.

Course overview:

  • Technical introduction of components and flow theory
  • Mounting of frame
  • Assembly of electronic components
  • Programming of radio receiver and control card
  • Testing and flight training

Please contact, Tel 98665984 for a quote!


Droneworkshop with Makeadrone


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