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Air:bit class set 6 pcs plus quick charger and more

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Air:bit - the ultimate micro:bit add-on

You will need 2 micro:bit per drone to control it with another micro:bit (easiest). Whether you're using the iPad app or Android app, you can do with 1 micro:bit, but the learning schedule is currently based on the use of 2 micro:bit.

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  • 6 pcs Air:bit complete with everything except micro:bit start set
  • 6 pcs propeller protector kit for added safety
  • Quick charger that takes 6 batteries at the same time
  • Detailed guide to building the drone as well as encode the remote control from scratch.
  • Code for remote control and drone for download is also included. We use block-based programming with Javascript capability.
  • Extra tasks: led control with sine function, crash detection, Yaw control with touch
  • 3d-print file for download
  • Additional features are in development, see below

Extensions: (tutorials are still in development):

  • Create your own remote control or glove that you can control with
  • Rebuild your drone into a hovercraft
  • Measure battery voltage, acceleration and more and view real-time graphs in the make:code editor
  • Programming movements over time (external altimeter recommended)
  • Applications flips/loop
  • Mount LEDs or buzzer on the drone
  • Mount sonar or lidar for distance measurement, anti-collision and autonomous flying
  • Mount micro servo and create a flying elastic band

Subjects: (For teachers)

  • Mathematics: Geometry, angles, algebra, features
  • Science: Power, batteries, electromagnetism, radio signals
  • Programming: Variables, sensors, radio, LED display, if/else, data transfer
  • Arts and crafts: Construction and design (preferably with 3d printer)
  • English: Terminology, concepts in air directions/orientation

We also hold workshops! Our experts guide you through the whole process.

Please contact us for an offer.

You may be familiar with the national commitment to micro:bit where 100,000 6-graders are offered micro:bit programming?

With Air:bit, take your programming a step further. Build your own drone and control it with ipad app, Android app or another micro:bit! Learn about engines, aerodynamics and batteries or design and print your own frame! Suitable in subjects such as science, arts and crafts and mathematics.

A separate learning programme has been developed in collaboration with 7 schools and 4 science centres in Norway.

Read more about micro:bit here

For drone rules, see

Like all our building kits, the construction is also repairable. If you can't find the part in the store, get in touch and we'll take care of it.