Air: Bit 2 - Class Set (6 pcs)

Type: Standard
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Air: Bit 2- The Ultimate Micro: Bit supplement. Class set with quick charger.

We recommend 2 micro: Bit per drone.. One for the drone itself, and one used as a remote control (simplest). If you use an Apple or Android app, you can manage with 1 micro: Bit per drone, but the learning program is currently adapted to the use of 2 micro: Bit. We recommend Micro: Bit V2 On the drone itself, but the remote can be both V1 and V2.

Air: Bit 2 contains Wonderer Start Pack, so you can also get hooves with simple additional packages: BIT SLVVEBIL and other exciting additional products.

Note! The charger comes with 220V EU plug, but can be used in all other countries with adapter, 110-240V.


  • 6 pcs Air: Bit 2 included WONDERKIT START PACK (control card and battery)
  • 6 pcs propeller protector sets for extra security
  • Fast charger that charges all the batteries at the same time. Note! EU plug
  • Detailed guidance to build the drone as well as code the remote control from scratch.
  • Remote control and drone for download also included. We use Block-based programming with JavaScript opportunity.
  • 3D print files for downloading folding frame and more.
  • Extra features are under development, see below


  • Expand with others WONDERS As a welding car and robot car
  • Create your own remote control or glove that you can control with
  • Customer the drone into an air cushion boat
  • Measure battery voltage, acceleration with more and show real-time graphs in Make: Code editorial
  • Programming movements over time (external altimeter recommended)
  • Mount LEDs or Buzzer on the drone
  • Mount sonar or lidar for distance measurement, anti -collision and autonomous flight
  • Mount micro servo and make a flying knit cannon

Subject: (For teachers)

  • Mathematics: Geometry, angles, algebra, functions
  • Natural science: Power, batteries, electromagnetism, radio signals
  • Programming: Variables, sensors, radio, LED display, IF/Else, data transfer
  • Arts and Crafts: Construction and Design (preferably with 3D printer)
  • English: terminology, concepts in flight directions/orientation

We also hold a workshop! Our experts guide you throughout the process.

Contact us for an offer.

You may know the national commitment to Micro: BIT where 100,000 6-graders are offered micro: BIT programming?

With Air: Bit you take the programming one step further. Build your own drone and control it with the iPad app, Android app or another micro: Bit! Learn about engines, aerodynamics and batteries or design and print your own frame! Fits in subjects such as science, arts and crafts and mathematics.

Own learning programs have been developed in collaboration with 7 schools and 4 science centers in Norway.

Read more about Micro: Bit here (external link)

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