Drone and hover car + micro: bit

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The ultimate package for all technology enthusiasts!

In this package you get:

  • Air: Bit 2
  • HOVER: BIT 2
  • 2 pcs. Micro: Bit V2

NB! You need 2 extra micro: bits 

This is a good starting package or gift for anyone with an interest in technology. Feel mastery when the engines start on the hooves: Bit and when the hover car flies off the ground for over 30 km/h. Feel the joy when the drone you have built and coded starts up and can fly.

These building sets are a good source of learning and are used in a number of schools for engaging teaching in subjects such as mathematics, science, arts and crafts, and programming.

Make kit Construction kit is:

  • Sustainable and repairable
  • Designed and produced in Norway
  • Creator friendly and provides technological mastery


AIR: BIT 2 - The Ultimate Micro: BIT Supplement

The world's first and original micro: bit the drone. This micro: BIT The supplement is one of the most advanced and most fun you can do in coding and construction. The Quad copy has been developed over several years and is used at a variety of science centers and schools.

Air: Bit 2 Comes with interchangeable propeller protectors of sustainable aircraft.



HOVER: Bit is an air cushion vessel hovering over the ground. A high -power sliding motor provides progress, and a power -controlled tail fin, controls the direction. One Micro: Bit is used as a remote control and another on the craft.

  • Sustainable and repairable
  • Designed and produced in Norway
  • Creative

Design and build about
The hull is made of environmentally friendly flight veneer of birch. The packaging is reused as a fleet and sail. Download 3D files and make a boat or catamaran.

Code with makecode
More and more people discover micro: Bit as a simple and accessible platform with large leeway. Over 200,000 Norwegian 6-graders will have access to Micro: BIT in the period 2019-2022. HOVER: BIT offers programming guidance for remote control and receiver.


Micro: Bit

A small microcomputer designed to be used in education, it is easy to code and has a lot of built -in functionality. Micro: Bit is used, among other things, in the National (NOR) project Super: Bit.

This is perhaps the best starting point if you want to learn more about coding and how computers work.




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