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Drone & Svevebil + micro: bit

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The ultimate package for all technology wooden ball.

In this package you get:

  • Air: bit 1.5
  • Hover: bit 2
  • Micro: bit V2

This is a good starter and christmas gift for anyone interested in technology and creating things. Feel coping when the engines start on Hover: bit and drift car flying off the ground in more than 30 km / h. And the joy when the drone you have both built and coded start up and can fly.

These building sets are a good source of learning and used in a number of schools for engaging instruction in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Art and Håndverkt and Programming.

MakeKit kits are:

  • Sustainable and repairable
  • Designed and manufactured in Norway
  • Cases friendly and provides technological mastery


Air: bit - the ultimate micro: bit supplement

The world's first and original micro: bit drone. This micro: bit supplement is one of the most advanced and fun you can do in both coding and building. quadcopteret been developed over several years and are used in a variety of know-centers and schools.


Air: bit 1.5 comes with a completely new setting in which interchangeable propeller protectors of sustainable flynineer are integrated into the structure.



Hover: Bit 2.0 - build, code and drift away

Hover: bit is a hovercraft that hovers above the ground. A pusher motor with high power makes progress, and a servo controlled fin steering direction. A micro: bit is used as a remote control and another at the receiver, or use a mobile control unit.

  • Sustainable and repairable
  • Designed and manufactured in Norway
  • Cases Friendly

Design and build on
The hull is made of environmentally friendly model plywood of birch. The packaging is reused as fleet and seal. Download 3d files and make a boat or catamaran.

Code with makeover: code
More and more people are discovering micro: bit as easy and accessible platform with wide scope of opportunities. Over 200,000 Norwegian 6-graders will have access to micro: bit in the period 2019-2022. Hover: bit offers programming guide for the remote control and receiver.


micro: bit

A small microcomputer designed to be used in education, it is easy to code and has a lot of built-in functionality. micro: bit is used in the national (NOR) project Super: slice.

This is perhaps the best starting point if you want to learn more about coding and how computers work.

Note: In this package it with 1 micro: bit V2, by having an additional 1 micro: bit will be able to use this as a remote control for both drone and airborne vehicle.