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Race kit -> 2x Hover: bit 2

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Hover: Bit 2 - build, code and drift away

The ultimate race package!

Compete about who is the fastest to run and to run! With this package you get the opportunity to both build, code and run hover car in addition to fine-tune it so that you are the fastest.

You need a micro: bits per. svevebil and may use iPhone or an additional micro: bit remote.


Hover: bit is a hovercraft that hovers above the ground. A pusher motor with high power makes progress, and a servo controlled fin steering direction. A micro: bit is used as a remote control and another at the receiver, or use a mobile control unit.

  • Sustainable and repairable
  • Designed and manufactured in Norway
  • Cases Friendly

Design and build on
The hull is made of environmentally friendly model plywood of birch. The packaging is reused as fleet and seal. Download 3d files and make a boat or catamaran.

Code with makeover: code
More and more people are discovering micro: bit as easy and accessible platform with wide scope of opportunities. Over 200,000 Norwegian 6-graders will have access to micro: bit in the period 2019-2022. Hover: bit offers programming guide for the remote control and receiver.

You need 2 micro: bitfor controlling it with another micro: bit (easiest). If you use the iPad app or Android app, you can stack up with 1 micro: bit.

Hover: bit 2.0 comes with the brand new Multi: bit controller board. This gives you even greater opportunities to optimize the code for your own desire. This makes it additionally easier to create other variants of the construction that requires a slightly different set-up of motors.

Guides - click here

    Hover: bit is very well suited for STEM or STEAM education and are employed in teaching at schools in the world.

    Are you interested in using Hover: bit in education, take a look at our classroom.


    Each kit contains:

    • 1 MakeKit Wonder: bit board
    • 1 MakeKit Lithium (lipo) battery
    • 1 Hover: bit mainframe (plywood)
    • 13 Plywood frame party
    • 1 Cardboard box cut out for raft and rudder
    • 2 + 2 Propellers (2 spares)
    • 1 Servo w / Servo
    • 13 Screws
    • 15 Nuts
    • 5 Copper barrel nuts
    • 2 Large rubber rings
    • 2 Small rubber rings
    • 1 Plastic bag (air pocket)


    We also hold workshops! Our experts guides you through the entire process.

    Please contact us for an offer.

    Like all our kits, the construction is also repairable. Do not part of the store, please contact and we'll do it.