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Hover:bit, add-on kit for Air:bit 1-2 and Wonder:kit

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This is an add-on package for those who already have an Air:bit or Wonder:kit control board, and micro:bits.

Supplied equipment:

Zip-Lock bag, veneer parts, servo, screws, wood spacers, rubber bands, nuts and bolts, and cardboard parts (base plate, and rodder/sail)


Hover:bit - build, code and hover
Hover:bit is an air cushion vessel, hovering above the ground. A high power electric engine provides propulsion and a power controlled rudder controls the direction. One micro:bit is used as a remote control and another on the vehicle itself.

Construction and design
Use the packaging as a fleet and sail, or cut out your own from any cardboard material. Experiment with different shapes and materials and find out what runs best.

Code with makecode
More and more people discover micro:bit as a very simple platform with a large area of use. Over 200,000 Norwegian 6-graders will have access to micro:bit in the period 2019-2022. Hover:bit offers programming guidance for remote control and receiver.

Drifting experience with gyro control.
Because the vessel floats freely, the driving style becomes more like drifting than usual driving. A lightning fast gyrensor automatically corrects the rudder and the result is an incredibly fun driving experience.

You need 2 micro:bits to control the craft with a remote control (simplest). If you use the app, you can manage with only 1 micro:bit.

Guides - Click here

    Subject: (for teachers)

    • Mathematics: Geometry, angles, algebra, functions
    • Natural science: Power, batteries, electromagnetism, radio signals
    • Programming: Variables, sensors, radio, LED display, IF/Else, data transfer
    • Arts and Crafts: Construction and Design (preferably with 3D printer)
    • English: terminology, concepts in flight directions/orientation

    We also hold workshops! Our experts will guide you throughout the process.

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    All our construction kits are fully repairable. If you do not find the part you need in the store, contact us and we will arrange it.