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Hover:bit, add-on kit for Air:bit

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This is an add-on kit, for Air:bit.
FYI: Control card and Micro:bit (s) do not come with the package, since this is an add-on kit for the Air:bit.
The co-following equipment : Zip lock bag, wooden parts, servo, screws, wood-spacers, rubber bands, nuts, and a cardboard box meant for cutting the pieces for the Hover:bit (main frame, and seal)

Hover:bit-build, code and drift away
Hover :bit is an air pillow vessel hovering above the ground. A cloud engine with great force ensures the progress and a servomanaged tail fin controls the direction. A micro:bit used as a remote and another on the receiving end.

Construction and Design
Use the packaging as a fleet and seal or clip out your own in cardboard. Experiments with different shapes and materials and find out what is driving best.

Code with make:code
More and more people discover micro:bit like a very simple platform with great opportunity space. Over 200,000 Norwegian six-graders will be allowed to access micro:bit in the period 2019-2022. Hover:bit offers programming guidance for remote control and receiver.

Drifting driving experience with gyro-control.
Because the vessel floats freely, the driving style becomes more like drifting than usual driving. A lightning-fast gyro sensor corrects the tail automatically and the result is an incredibly fun driving experience. Look at it as some kind of anti-spin on smooth lead.

You need 2 micro:bits to control it with a different micro:bit (enkread). Whether you're using iPad app or Android app, you can make it with 1 micro:bit.

Guided tours-click here

    Craft : (For teachers)

    • Mathematics : Geometry, angles, algebra, features
    • Science : Power, batteries, electrotism, radio signals
    • Programming : Variables, sensors, radio, suffered display display, if/else, data transfer
    • Arts and crafts : Construction and Design (feel free to try to 3d-print)
    • English : Terminology, concepts within flight statements/orientation

    We also hold workshop! Our experts guides you through the entire process.

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    Like all of our construction sets, the construction is also repairable. If you don't find the part in the store, get in touch, we'll arrange it.