KK2 with Steveis 1.9 Pro Firmware

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KK2, for those who want to start Multirotor, and want an easy way to start.

  • KK2 - single and stable board card designed by Bergenser Rolf Bakke
  • Built -in voltage - you don't have to plug in external alarm.
  • Steveis 1.9 Pro Software, supports SBUS and CPPM (plugs in the Aileron channel)
  • Supports Tri, Quad, Hexa, Octo and much more straight out of the box
  • Calibrates the regulators at the same time as the Throttle Pass Trough feature
  • Demonstrate ACC and Gyroscope with the Gyroboble feature
  • Test and check link with radio receiver with "receiver test"
  • Weight: 21 grams (card and speaker)
  • Size: 51.5mm x 51.5mm, hole spacing 45mm
    Manual:Steveis KK2 Manual

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