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School set/Makerspace package: 6 Kolibri drone-building sets, for laser cutting or 3D printer

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Makerspace/class set for those of you who have a laser cutter and/or 3D printer!

Here you can build and design 6 drones with a camera.

If you have a 3D printer or laser cutter, you can buy without and make these yourself.

Watch the accompanying videos on how to design your own frames in Tinkercad, and then build and fly the drones.

Do you need expert help? We also hold workshops.

The drones also provide a basic experience with the operation of the quadcopter, counter-rotating propellers and flight directions.

The remote control has three different rates and functions for looping and headfree mode (explained in video).

Recommended age limit: 8 years old with a teacher, otherwise 12 years.

This is in the set:

  • 6 complete camera drones with everything except frame
  • 6 illustrated guidebooks
  • 1 professional USB charger with voltmeter that can charge up to all 5 batteries at the same time
  • 1 pre-cut frame as a test and example
  • Rubber bands and screws (10 knitwear, 20 m3x15 spacers, 20 m3x8 screws, 40 rubber rings for motors)
  • Access to a video showing frame drawing in Fusion 360
  • Sample files for laser and 3d printing

In addition, each remote control needs 2x AA batteries. We recommend rechargeable batteries. For the laser cutting you need 3mm veneer, preferably "aircraft" veneer. We are happy to help you obtain this.

An overview of 3D files can be found here.

Download laser cutting template (Google Sketchup)

Fly longer with extra batteries.