Type: Laser cutter with installation and fast-in-production (1 hour)
Sale price59.999 kr


Professional powerful 50W laser cutter with 40x40 cm cutting surface for use in school, libraries, science centers, creation workshops.

We usually supply the laser cutter installed with the customer and also conduct training. In addition, service and maintenance of laser cutters is something can do if needed. Contact us for more information.

Note! It comes with free software for Windows but training requires Light Burn DSP license Which is a much better tool, which also works on Mac.

A laser cutter is relatively easy to use, it is fast, and it creates enthusiasm among anyone watching and using it.

A laser is an essential tool for all creations and modern crop halls, it is a powerful tool that can replace dozens of 3D printers.

The great advantage of a laser cutter is the speed and accuracy. With such a tool you can cut parts in seconds, as well as engraving text and images.

PS: If you have no experience from using laser cutters, our strong recommendation is that you order with installation and introduction. If you want more people to use the laser cutter, we recommend running a full day course in addition to the installation. You find these options further up the website.

The stated price includes VAT and shipping to the whole of Norway (the mainland).

NOTE: This product is only available in Norway. The price of installation applies in the counties Viken, Inland, Oslo, Vestfold and Telemark. For other counties we find a solution and can offer online introduction.


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