TinyX8 6-channel mini radio, rechargeable with SBUS receiver

  • 690 kr

Finally a good and compact radio with both SBUS and Frsky option. Why drag around a large radio when a compact solution works just as well?

Here you get everything you need to fly FPV or LOS (line of sight) up to 500 meters. The size corresponds to a gamer control, but it has a high sense of quality. It can be thrown in a bag or sack - no delicate switches you have to be careful with. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary functionality, such as trim / fun adjustment in all directions, reversing on all channels, as well as two additional function switches (channels 5 and 6) which are controlled by buttons on the back and displayed in the LED panel.

The radio comes with a rechargeable battery (charged with mini-USB), and it comes with a radio with SBUS.

Firmware can be changed to be Frsky compatible with this program (Windows)

And firmware:

The receiver requires soldering in three points.


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