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This is an additional package to Wonder: Kit system


AIR: BIT 2 - The Ultimate Micro: BIT Supplement

The original micro: The bit the drone has gotten even better. This micro: BIT The supplement is one of the most advanced and most fun you can do in both coding and construction. The quadcopter has been developed over several years and is used at a variety of science centers, schools and by private individuals

  • Sustainable and repairable
  • Designed and produced in Norway
  • Creative

Air: Bit 2 Uses Wonderit Control Board, which leaves all calculations to micro: Bit. It gives you full control of the systems, and an opportunity to gain insight into the code that allows the drone to fly. Challenge your flight skills or explore the code that makes it all work.

Since a drone requires a certain processing power, we recommend micro: BIT V2 on the drone itself, which will provide more reliability.

NB: You need at least one micro: bit to fly the drone (not included)What is Micro: Bit? 

We recommend 2 pcs. Micro: Bit per drone, one as a remote control and one on the drone itself. You can use an app as a remote control.


  • 1 piece Air: Bit 2, complete with everything except micro: bit and wonderer start pack (can be added).
  • You get a link to detailed guidance to build the drone as well as code the remote control from scratch.
  • Remote control and drone for download also included. We use Block-based programming with JavaScript opportunity.
  • 3D-print file for download

Exciting extensions:

  • Create your own remote control or glove that you can control with
  • Customer the drone into an air cushion boat
  • Measure battery voltage, acceleration with more and show real-time graphs in Make: Code editorial
  • Programming movements over time (external altimeter recommended)
  • Mount LEDs or Buzzer on the drone
  • Mount sonar or lidar for distance measurement, anti -collision and autonomous flight
  • Mount micro servo and make a flying knit cannon

Air: Bit is very suitable for voice or steam education and is used in teaching in schools worldwide. You can fulfill learning goals in, among other things, math, science and K&H


The package contains:

  • 11 pcs. Air: bit frames and wooden-sets of highest quality birch veneer
  • 44 pcs powerful electric motors
  • 88 pcs propellers (incl reserve propellers)
  • 11 Set propeller protectors
  • Over 300 screws, nuts and fasteners
  • 1 piece. Fast Start Guide
  • 2D- and 3D models (downloadable)
  • More projects available online
    Instructions (PDF and videos)


Not included:  




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