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Wonder: Kit Start: Bit (10 kits)

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Wonder: Kit system is designed for use in school and education. The system built around the basic packages Explorer and Start: Bit, the building sites Air: Bit, Hover: Bit, Buzz: Bit and Music: Bit are additional packages in the system that gives you a freedom of choice and a more cost-effective system.


Start: Bit contains only the essentials and you need one or more of the Andre Additional Package to use the equipment.


Access the full potential in Micro: Bit with the Wonder Starter: Kit series. This product is designed for learning, coping and education for use in school, science centers, libraries and cabinet sites.

This set includes:
10 Wonder: bit control card (air: bit)
10 Makekit 800Ah Lithium Batteries
1 Quick Charger
60 screws and nuts
1 Quick Start Guide
More projects available online


This is one of two starter in Wonder: Kit series.

If you want to start directly with Buzz: Bit, Hover: Bit, Air: Bit or Music: BIT is this starter package you need. Here comes with the cards, battery, equipment and chargers that work on all other sets of Wonder: Kit series.