WonderKit Air:bit bundle selector

WonderKit Control Board (Start:bit): 1x (test kit)
Kit's: Air:bit
micro:bit (2x pr. test kit or 20x pr. class kit): Without
Sale price1.199 kr


Bundle the Air:bit 2 with other products and save. 
Choose the package that suits your needs.

Bundle the Air:bit with other products, which give you a more cost-efficient system, saving 30-50% compared to buying separate packages. Use the battery and the black control board across the product ranges.

Note: micro:bit v2 is highly recommended due to demanding drone-algorithms running directly on the micro:bit.

WonderKit is intended for schools, science centers and code clubs, or anyone interested in technology.

The teaching materials are well suited in the subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Arts and crafts
  • Physics (friction and air dynamics)
  • Programming

In addition, students gain knowledge and expertise in: Social collaboration, the use of tools, algorithmic thinking, problem solving and practical technological coping.

If you want to know more about the competence goals, or order directly from us, contact us: sales@makekit.no

The kit system is adapted for 5th to 10th grade, but can also be adapted to work in high school.

The products are made from high quality plywood. They are repairable and designed to be used by several students and classes.

10 pcs. class set are the usual class sets that contain teaching materials, as well as spare parts for use in teaching.

1 piece. special version is for testing/single users or if you need a different number of kits.

You can find more information about Wheel: Bit, Hover: Bit and Air: Bit on their individual pages.

If you order for a school, science center, library, creation workshop or company, and want an invoice, contact: sales@makekit.no 



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