The alpaca box

Type: Without micro:bit
Sale price499 NOK


Oh oh oh, you big alpaca! The words caused the magic box to open on the TV program Kongen Befaler, to the king's great astonishment!

The magic box can hide a gift or surprise. You choose how it can be opened - using modern programming or accompanying codes that you can load directly onto the micro:bit. The kit contains everything you need, including a rechargeable battery. But if you don't already have a micro:bit, you can choose to buy with this. You also need a regular micro USB cable to program.

  • Create a box that opens on special words (this is a trick, instructions are included)
  • Create a box that opens when there are loud noises, movement or light (e.g. at sunset or with a laser pointer)
  • Create a box that only opens after a pre-programmed number of minutes or hours
  • Create a "safe" that can only be opened with special key combinations.

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