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4 + 4 propellers to hummingbird (microde)
Air:bit 2 - class set (5 pcs)Air:bit 2 - class set (5 pcs)
MakeKit Air:bit 2 - class set (5 pcs)
Sale priceFrom 4.799 NOK
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Air: bit fly moreAir: bit fly more
MakeKit Air: bit fly more
Sale price319 NOK
AirBit spare propeller 8-pk
The alpaca boxThe alpaca box
MakeKit The alpaca box
Sale priceFrom 399 NOK
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Antenna Pagoda-2 CloverleafAntenna Pagoda-2 Cloverleaf
Battery 1s 300 mAh 25c for hummingbird
Battery 800MAh, 3,7V (Lipo battery 3)
Battery box for micro: bitBattery box for micro: bit
MakeKit Battery box for micro: bit
Sale priceFrom 63 NOK
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MakeKit Bubble:bit
Sale priceFrom 319 NOK
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Bubble:bit KlassesettBubble:bit Klassesett
MakeKit Bubble:bit Klassesett
Sale priceFrom 1.999 NOK
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Bubble:bit More Bubbles (Service Kit)
Dys 5V 2A UNDC (Power Regulator)
Emax Regulator (ESC) for MD1/MD2
Remote control (radio) to Makeadrone hummingbir
Save 100 kr
Foxxer video transmitter 25mw with displayFoxxer video transmitter 25mw with display
MAKEADRONE Foxxer video transmitter 25mw with display
Sale price100 NOK Regular price200 NOK
Gift card - MakeKit
MakeKit Gift card - MakeKit
Sale priceFrom 200 NOK
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Dys 5030 Propeller 4-packDys 5030 Propeller 4-pack

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