Bubble:bit Class Set

Micro: bit: No micro:bit
Size: 5x
Sale price2.999 NOK


A practical and fun approach to learning automation and tomorrow's technology. You build, code and the robot gives you lights, waves and blows soap bubbles!

You need 1 micro:bit (available as an option). micro.bit can be used on a number of other building kits and for various exciting building and coding projects. Read more at www.microbit.org

Because the micro:bit has a number of sensors, it is possible to start and stop the machine with light, sound, bluetooth, or another micro:bit as a remote control. Get in touch for tips on how this can be done.

The construction kit contains (1x):

  • WonderKit controller board
  • Lithium (LiPo) battery
  • Bubble:bit frame plywood.
  • small parts in plywood
  • propellers
  • servo w/servo horn
  • large rubber rings
  • small rubber rings
  • LEDs
  • Nuts and bolts

The class sets also contain additional parts

✅ Innovative building set for both technology-interested children and adults of ALL ages.

✅ Engaging introduction to electronics, electric motors and coding.

✅ Sustainable kit that is environmentally friendly, easy to reuse and fix yourself.

✅ Designed and manufactured in Norway.

This product is part of the WonderKit system

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