Build and code package with micro:bit

Micro:bit (mini-computer): 2x micro:bit
Sale price1.999 NOK


Give the gift of quality time with exciting and educational projects that you build and code yourself!

Whether you're a programming novice or a tech whiz, this build and code package contains everything you need for hours of learning and exciting experiences. Here you get four of our most popular products, developed and produced at "Radiofabrikken", Skullerud in Oslo.

Save NOK 600 compared to buying the products individually, in addition to free shipping.

This package includes 2 micro:bits , which are used in all sets. You can choose to buy the package without the micro:bit as well.

The package contains only one set of WonderKit control board and battery, which means that you can only use one of the sets at a time. We recommend starting with Bubble:bit or Wheel:bit as these are the easiest sets.

What is micro:bit?
micro:bit is like a small computer, which is easy to program. All you need is a web browser. It has a compass, microphone, speaker, radio, screen and much more! The tool is made by Microsoft and the Micro:bit foundation. Read more about micro:bit on the pages of BBC micro:bit .

Sustainable and fully repairable
The package has been developed with a focus on sustainability and repairability. We use natural birch veneer, and produce as much as possible and produce locally. The products are designed with repair in mind and can be used in many different ways. There are repair kits that can be used in case you are missing parts.

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