Eachine EV800 FPV glasses 800x480 with monitor function (Order item)

  • 890 kr

Very affordable and super-practical video glasses with high resolution for those who want to start with FPV. Many thoughtful features that make it incredibly easy to use. Smart battery with built-in battery meter that is charged with USB. Autoscan automatically finds the best frequency. The glasses have low weight and are very comfortable to wear. The screen can be separated and mounted on a tripod, if you want to fly the line of sight or share the image with more.

  • AutoScan of channel or manual choice (40 channels)
  • Widescreen screen that can be set to 4: 3
  • Resolution: 800x480
  • Light and contrast settings
  • 2000 mah battery holding 2-3 hours of use
  • Weight: 390 grams

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