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Hover:bit V2 - Hover car

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A practical and fun approach to learning about tomorrow's technology. You build, codes and floats at a crazy speed, indoor or outdoors!

You need 2 micro: bits (not included) to control the craft with remote control (simplest). If you use the app, you can do with 1 micro: bit,But the learning program is based on the use of 2 pieces. Micro: Bit.

The construction kit contains:

  • 1 piece. MAKEKIT Lithium (lipo) battery
  • 1 piece. Hover: Bit frame in plywood.
  • 13 pcs. Small parts in plywood
  • 1 piece. cardboard parts for carving of frame
  • 2+2 pcs. Propeller (2 reserve)
  • 1 piece. Servo w/servo horn
  • 2 pcs. large rubber rings
  • 2 pcs. small rubber rings
  • 1 piece. zip-lock bag (air pocket)
  • Nuts and bolts




✅ Innovative construction sets for both technology -interested children and adults of all ages.

✅ Build, code and design your own hide car that runs up to 30 km/h.

✅ Sustainable kit that is environmentally friendly, easy to reuse and fix yourself. If you do not find the part in the store, you can contact us and we will fix it.

✅ Designed and produced in Norway.

Design and build it just as you want. Download free 3D files and make a boat or catamaran.


Check how cool it is!