Hover: Bit 2.0 - Rechargeable Welfare Cheese for Micro: Bit

  • 799 kr

Hover: Bit 2.0 - Build, Code and Svervore departed
Hover: Bit is a hovercraft hovering over the ground. A sliding motor with great force provides the progress, and a power steering tail guide controls the direction. A micro: bit is used as remote control and another on the receiving side, or use a mobile phone as control unit.

Design and build
The hull is made of eco-friendly airline of birch. The packaging is reused as a fleet and seal. Download 3D files and create a boat or catamaran.

Code with Make: Code
More and more people do Micro: bit as a simple and accessible platform with large potential. Over 200,000 Norwegian 6-classes will access Micro: BIT in the period 2019-2022. Hover: Bit offers remote control programming and receiver.

You need 2 micro: bitTo control it with another Micro: Bit (easiest). If you use the iPad app or Android app, you can manage with 1 Micro: Bit.

Hover: Bit 2.0 comes with the brand new Multi: Bit Check the card. This gives you even greater opportunities to optimize the code according to your own desire. This also makes it easier to create other variations of the construction that requires a slightly different setup of the engines.

Guides - Click here

    Subjects: (for teachers)

    • Math: Geometry, Angles, Algebra, Features
    • Science: electricity, batteries, electromagnetism, radio signals
    • Programming: Variables, Sensors, Radio, LED Display, IF / Else, Data Transfer
    • Arts and Crafts: Construction and Design (Child with 3D Printer)
    • English: Terminology, concepts in flights / orientation

    We also keep workshop! Our experts guides you throughout the process.

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    Like all our construction kits, the construction is also repairable. If you do not find the section in the store, contact us and we arrange it.


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