Wonder: Kit - Hover: Bit

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micro:bit: Not Included
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This is an additional package for Wonder: Kit system


Make your own micro: Bit Slvebil, Learn about both Natural science and programming while challenging your own creativity! This is an exciting set for both young and adults, and it can be used in many different versions, such as catamaran, boat, etc. The included templates and teacher guide are designed for interdisciplinary use and meet learning goals in the science, K&H and mathematics.

You need 2 micro: bits (not included) to control the craft with remote control (simplest). If you use the app, you can manage with 1 micro: bit,But the learning program is based on the use of 2 pieces. Micro: Bit.

This set contains:
10+1 pcs. HOVER: Bit educational templates (cardboard)
Woods of highest quality birch veneer
Electric drone motors
Nuts and bolts
Zip bags
Fast Start Guide
Instructions (PDF and videos)


Not included:  



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