Micro:bit V2 Class Set

Sale price3.190 NOK


10x micro:bit V2 class set

Micro:bit is the gadget that all technology enthusiasts should have! Probably the most user-friendly and applicable microcontroller on the planet. Here you can program and build everything from simple games, to inventions and robots, music, and MakeKit's own series of drones, hover cars and much, much more.

Micro:bit has built-in sensors that give intelligence to your inventions, it measures movement, sound, temperature, light and current. It has a radio and bluetooth, speaker and screen.

Included: 1 Micro:bit, USB cable, battery box, battery and battery holder in cardboard.

Read more: https://microbit.org/new-microbit/

The coding tool supports both block, javascript and python. Try it right now: https://makecode.microbit.org/

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