Millibots - robots with LED lights

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Discover the magic of sustainable, hand-painted robot building kits from MakeKit!

Join us on a journey into the world of creativity with MakeKit's unique building kit, produced locally at the "Radiofabrikken" in Skullerud. These little robots, created from sustainable birch veneer, are more than just laser-cut components – they're an adventure in learning and ingenuity.

Each robot comes complete with LED lights and battery, offering a hands-on introduction to electrical circuits. By assembling the robots with small plastic screws, the children gain valuable hands-on experience with screws and nuts. The sets can be mixed and you can switch arms and legs between the different ones.

  • Norwegian, local production of natural birch veneer
  • Norwegian construction guide
  • Each robot has its own unique personality and history
  • Learn electrical connection and motor skills by screwing the parts together
  • The parts from several robots can be mixed for new variations

Designer and engineer Kamilla Paulsen is behind these creatures. Each robot is a reflection of her creative essence, a mixture of art, science, complicated personality.

Perfect for children from 10 years old, or from 7 years old with a little help from an adult. The robots are also educational tools that inspire creative thinking and problem solving. Order your MakeKit robot building kit today and take the first step into a world of ingenuity and fun! 🤖✨

Everything is included, including nut tool. All you need is some tape or glue.

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