Multi:bit control board for micro:bit with gear motor for DIY projects

Sale price250 NOK


The micro:bit can not control powerful applications directly. So we made the multi:bit control board. This kit comes with a plug-in gear motor.

Power up to two motors and 3 servos with the multi:bit (micro:bit required). Built in battery low voltage protection and power mosfets to drive motors with up to 7 amperes! This board is used in the hover:bit product.

You can control 2 motors and 2 servos, but not more than 3 at the same time (eg. 2 motors 1 servo). A 3rd servo can be controller with some soldering.

This kit comes with a gear motor and all necessary screws to mount and connect the micro:bit.

Voltage: 3 - 6V, runs great on 1 cell lipo battery (3,7 volts) or USB power (separate cable or soldering needed)

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