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WonderKit green card start/maker set, rechargeable

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295 kr

Many have asked for a simplified board card. We created a new card that gives you direct access to control 3 servos and 2 engines (but max 3 at once), using the usual PIN 0, PIN1 and PIN2 on Micro:bit. The kit features a small but powerful rechargeable lithium battery with protection circuit. 

The card can be used on hover: bit, bubble:bit, wheel: bit or your own inventions.

You can control motors, solenoids and even water pumps for a flower watering system.

Works on Micro:bit V1 and V2.

The set includes:

  • Wonderit Green Controller card for micro: bit
  • MAKEKIT RELABER Lithium battery
  • USB charger
  • Screws and spacers for pairing micro: bit and steering card
  • Two jst picoblade plugs to connect your own engines, speaker or similar
  • a servo cable to connect to LED