Wonder: Kit - Wheel: Bit (10 pcs)

Type: Single pack (1x)
BBC micro:bit: No micro:bit
Sale price399 kr


This is an additional package for Wonder: Kit system

Wheel: Bit is a simple wood-wheel robotic truck with programming that can be used without any special programming experience. Fits from 4th grade in school or from 11 years. You can also mount on a pen and make a drawing machine!

The package contains 10 pcs:

  • Wheel: Bit Fly Finish Frames and Support parts
  • Servos (continuous, 20 pcs in total)
  • Rubber
  • Omni direction wheels
  • Nuts and bolts


Delivered without:  

NB! You need Wonder: Kit Starter Package to use this class set! 

The kit is now available in a 1x variant for those who want to test out the building kit, and already has a compatible cut -off board card, battery and micro: Bit.



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