Kommer snart: verdens første micro:bit drone

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In the spring of 2018, Makeadrone launches the world's first drone based on the BBC Micro: Bit. This will be a whole new way of learning coding, and a simple and flexible development platform. Using code blocks (Legocloss coding), anyone with a little interest in technology can build a light-fledged, intelligent drone from the bottom that can do exactly what you want. The drone is controlled primarily with an extra micro: bit and its motion sensors. Built -in barometer simplifies the flight by keeping the height automatically

Some examples of what you can do:

  • Learn and experience how, among other things, accellerometer, sonar and barometer works
  • Use coordinate system and movements to control
  • Set up smart navigation where the drone can navigate on their own
  • Remote Strength Extra Features such as RGB LED, Sound or Servo
  • Set up your own remote control with extra buttons and features
  • Do manual control and acrobatics (loop)
  • Make measurements and obtain data, such as temperature, light or air quality
  • Mount a camera with recording feature
  • Obtain data from GPS to outdoor navigation (optional)
  • Perform accurate indoor positioning with optical motion sensor


The first complete units expire via a start-up campaign in the spring of 2018. Join the list and we will contact you as it approaches.

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