3d-print din egen drone!

Makeadron's microdrons and class sets are compatible with most 3D prints frame for 7x20mm engines. Click on the links below to get to the Thingiverse files. Note that some of the framework is just a starting point that may need to be modified and improved.

Requirements Spec for Design of Frame

You can design a 3D printing or laser cutter frame with the following requirements specification.

Draw a frame that holds engines, steering cards and battery along with the following requirements:

  • The engines have a diameter of 7mm
  • The control card in the middle has a width of 23 mm and a height of 25mm
  • The distance between the engines should be so long that the propellers do not hit each other, but not so long that the wires do not reach away.
  • The battery should be placed under the center of the frame
  • There should be chassis that prevents the battery from contacting the ground.
  • The weight should not exceed 10 grams.
  • The battery should be removed and off. Make a fastener solution where you do not need glue or tape.
  • The frame should be symmetrical in at least one direction.

3D files:

Note: The propeller protector will not fit in most 3D models.

Hummingbird pipe-inspired frame from MAKEKIT 

MAKEKIT ENGINE FIGHTS (used with ice sticks)


Gophy Remix (experimental)  

Sethi foldable (experimental)

Gophy alien inspired (experimental) (select 7mm)