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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
Battery 1s 300 mAh 25c for hummingbird
4 + 4 propellers to hummingbird (microde)
Charging bag for lipo batteries
AirBit spare propeller 8-pk
Set of nylon screws and standoff
Mini lipo bagMini lipo bag
MAKEADRONE Mini lipo bag
Sale price79 kr
KK2KK2 with Steveis 1.9 Pro Firmware
Turnigy 5x transmitter and receiverTurnigy 5x
Rubber rings (8 pcs) for hummingbird
Lipo Alarm 2-8 CellLipo Alarm 2-8 Cell
Solder -free power distribution card MD1/MD2
Continuous servo with wheelsContinuous servo with wheels
O-rings 20x2mm for MD1 (15 pcs)
Center plate makeadrone hummingbird
Micro FPV camera with transmitter (analog video)Micro FPV camera with transmitter (analog video)
Remote control (radio) to Makeadrone hummingbir
XT60 battery cable

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