Snow:bit - for snow and ice

Type: 5x
micro:bit: No micro:bit
Sale price2.999 NOK


Make your own lightning fast, propeller -driven snow-racer!

This can be an extension package that requires Hover:bit V1 or V2

The kit consists of laser-cut birch veneer of the highest quality.

Learn how to bend skis with steam in the "old way", as traditional wooden skis are made. On Snow: Bit is set both engines to push the air backwards. This allows for speeds up to 40 km/h! You can also test out different types of ski lubrication to see what gives the best slip.

The kit can be used with or without the accompanying skis. For use on ice, the skis can be dropped while the dairy is retained. Note that Snow: Bit works best on flat/hard surface.

This sustainable construction kit is produced in the old premises of Tandbergs Radio Factory at Skullerud in Oslo.

Equipment required:

  • Wood glue, super glue or two-component glue
  • Clothes or glue clamps
  • Kettle or kettle
  • Small shooter screeches
  • Pliers

We also hold a workshop! Our experts guide you throughout the process.

Contact us for an offer.


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