Makeadrone concepts

E-smart systems demo drone

The E-smart drone was a custom design from E-smart systems, to demonstrate AI and face recognition in real time from a front-faced camera. The drone was also used as a demonstration for the Norwegian Crown Prince and Princess.

Acrobatic serving tray

Serving tray hexacopter

See it deliver a package 


Drone package delivery

Delivering 800 gram apple watch (with release mechanism) on the stage at Girls and Technology conference in Trondheim, Norway

Cake delivery - The Drone community Rotorklubben celebrating 300 members

Mini serving tray

The idea is to hide the propeller as much as possible, creating a "magic" feel.

Strawbees drone bird

Designed by Erik Thorstensson after learning how to make quadcopters at a Makeadrone workshop. It´s an animated straw creature!

Aftenposten-drone, used for opening the "Teknologi og fremtidens arbeidsmarked" conference with special guest Steve Wozniak.

The big screen showing the drone´s live stream as the chief editor of Aftenposten was followed from back stage, then walking out and then opening the conference.


IcosahedronIcosahedron drone ikosaeder quadkopter

Flying flagflyvende flagg drone flying flag

The future of advertising is here! The flying flag has only two motors, and is built around the flag holder itself. It´s not just a drone with a flag mounted underneath. The stearing is possible because both motors can change angles to go forward, backwards and even rotate around the Y axis.

The body is made of square carbon fibre rods.

Turid - the flying hendesignboom flying easter chicken

Drone harness for chickens. With only two propellers, Turid the flying hen defies gravity better than her animal siblings.

More drones in action: