Ubrukelige roboter med micro:bit

Learn programming with micro: bit and make a useless robot

Micro: Bit is a simple and flexible microcontroller with many options. Behind are large players such as BBC, Microsoft and Norwegian Nordic Semiconductors. It has built -in display, simple radio with Bluetooth, and sensors make you easily get started. The controller offers block programming in the browser, JavaScript and Python.
At this workshop we use block programming, but you can switch to JavaScript and back.
We use the term "useless robot" because the most important thing is that the robot is fun and that we can play with coding, electricity and design.
Fits from 8 years, but children under 11 should bring an adult or person over 11.


Automatic toothbrush and eyewear cleaning machine

A being that wakes up and rises when the curtain is pulled from or the light is screwed on

Overview of workshop:

Hour 1: Intro Course in Micro: Bit. We get the display to show text and our own graphics and make a dice game. We test the code in the simulator and the Micro: Biten program.
Hour 2-3: We make a small robot that uses servo motors to move. The robot can utilize radio or light and heat sensors. We use wooden sticks, pipe cleaners and various hobby tools and parts.
Larva that can move
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