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Showing 1 - 24 of 84 products
Charging bag for lipo batteries
Battery 1s 300 mAh 25c for hummingbird
4 + 4 propellers to hummingbird (microde)
Set of nylon screws and standoff
KK2KK2 with Steveis 1.9 Pro Firmware
Dys 5030 Propeller 4-packDys 5030 Propeller 4-pack
Mini lipo bagMini lipo bag
MAKEADRONE Mini lipo bag
Sale price79 kr
Turnigy 5x transmitter and receiverTurnigy 5x
Rubber rings (8 pcs) for hummingbird
Lipo Alarm 2-8 CellLipo Alarm 2-8 Cell
Motor to Air: BitMotor to Air: Bit
MAKEADRONE Motor to Air: Bit
Sale price79 kr
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Solder -free power distribution card MD1/MD2
Dys 5V 2A UNDC (Power Regulator)
Serphabable 5 cm 10-pack (MD1, MD2)

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